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It supports the Xbox, the PC, and the PlayStation 2. It also features a third-person view of the game with an added option of choosing to play with either the entire cast or only one of the characters. The main objective of the modification is to make the game playable in a "Free-to-play" format with either quick or in-depth matches. The first version of the game, which was released in 2004, was noted for its realistic violence, which included shootings and dismemberments. In January 2005, it was announced that the initial release of the game would no longer be being developed because of a lack of activity by the developers, and that a completely new version would be released shortly after. A new release, using the name MP-SA:ATC, was completed in May 2005. The main features of the mod are the ability to play either the single-player mode or the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in SA:MP makes it like the game Grand Theft Auto III, as the playable characters are the A-Team, a rival team of the San Andreas Police Department. It also featured a new graphical engine, dubbed the "AGN Engine" for Advanced Grand Theft Auto New Engine. The AGN engine is an advanced version of the second-generation 3D graphics engine (GCN), offering higher quality for the characters and environments than was possible in the first-generation engine (GTA01). History The mod began in 2004 when an individual named "Jacob" used the AGN engine to create a multiplayer server for the game. Around this time, it was becoming increasingly obvious that many of the original developers from the development of the game had left and that there would be no further releases. "Jacob" decided to create a new version of the game, one which would make use of the AGN engine. In early 2005, "Jacob" began porting the game to the PlayStation 2. By July, an alpha version of the new version of the game, called "MP-SA:ATC", was finished. The source code for the mod was then passed on to "Link", a developer for the game. "Link" was inspired by "Jacob" and began working on the mod. "Link" then began releasing regular alpha builds of the mod. Some notable features of the mod at this time were the inclusion of Mission Mode, which allowed for a "time trial" mode for each of the missions. Also, by allowing the player



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