Five, four, three, two, one...breath out and stay empty

I am often asked how PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® actually works. This blog post will help you imagine how this wonderful breathing technique is practiced. You will learn how a session works and what is behind the technique.

Right at the beginning: PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® cannot be learned to use at home alone. It is a guided breathing technique, like a kind of meditation. PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® can only develop its full effect if you switch off your head completely and concentrate on my voice and the music. It wouldn't work without guidance because you're constantly thinking about what to do next.

The technique

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH @ consists of three parts: dynamic breathing, breath retention, and breath-holding. These three parts make up a cycle and each session consists of several cycles. Each cycle is accompanied by specially selected electronic music and takes you to a different area of your subconscious.

The entire session is practiced while sitting on the floor with your eyes closed. You start with dynamic breathing: inhaling actively through your nose into your belly and chest and passively exhaling through your nose. The inhalation is very powerful and the exhalation is more like a liberating sigh. For a few minutes, you pump yourself full of oxygen until you hear me say, "And in five, four, three, two, one you take one last deep breath before you breathe out completely and stay empty."

Into the void

At this moment the breath retention begins. This element is new to many people because breathing out and then not breathing in for some time creates a queasy feeling in some. But don't worry. You have filled up with so much oxygen during dynamic breathing that your body has no problem with this break. On the contrary - it feels uniquely wonderful. What is happening physiologically at this moment will be described in another blog post. So you go into the void, immerse yourself fully in your subconscious, where you can loosen blockages or simply come to rest until you hear me say: "And in five, four, three, two, one you come back with one deep breath into your head and hold it there! "

Dancing molecules

Now you breathe in deeply and hold this breath for a few seconds until I invite you to breathe out again. In these seconds you will feel the full power and beauty of the oxygen, which returns to your brain like fireworks - an indescribable feeling! After exhaling, you start again with dynamic breathing and so you walk through cycle by cycle until the session comes to an end and you end it with resting.

So much for the technique of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®. But what makes this breathing ritual so unique are the sensations, feelings, and effects that you can experience during a session. But this is another story....

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