Breathwork - or the art of breathing

Why breathing is more than taking a breath

From the first second we start our life on this planet, we breathe. We breathe automatically, without thinking, around the clock, about 25,000 times a day. Our breath keeps us alive. Most of the time we do not even notice that we are breathing and, when we become aware of our breath, it is because we are breathless. Breathwork is concerned with the fact that something so natural can also be practiced and learned.

Breathwork is about becoming aware of our breath again and directing it in a targeted manner in order to increase our physical, mental and psychological health and well-being. Even our ancestors recognized thousands of years ago that our breath is not just an unconscious survival mechanism, but an effective instrument that creates a direct link to our health and our mind.

People have known about the power of breath for millennia.

But recently this knowledge seems to have disappeared from our stressful everyday life and we are surprised that our stressful lifestyle makes us sick more and more often. Breath is the key to many of the problems that plague us in our civilized world. For example, you can positively influence sleep disorders, anxiety disorders or autoimmune diseases with the right breathing technique. Sometimes it is enough to breathe consciously for five minutes a day to noticeably increase your well-being. As simple as this solution sounds, it is probably difficult to implement for many people, which is why regular breathwork sessions are becoming increasingly important for our health.

In this blog I will regularly introduce you to simple exercises that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. And for the intensive breathwork session in between, I'm always there for you.

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